Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yes, Virginia, There IS a Garden Under There!

Since Christmas we have had snow cover...I am thrilled to see the garden beginning to emerge!  I ran out this afternoon and took a few photos

These sempervivums are just outside my basement door.  The garden slopes away from the house here and so I have taken advantage of this and planted all kinds plants that need that sharp drainage a hill provides amongst the stepping stones that lead down to our patio.  It started out as an herb garden... and if I had any amount of self control in my own garden, well, I suppose I'd look out my second floor window right now and see pigs flying by.

This guy, Festuca 'Elijah Blue', is still blue, even after being buried under the snow for months.  He looks pretty good.

More blue, this time Juniper 'Blue Star', surrounded by Dianthus 'Bath's Pink'.  The juniper is new to my garden, I happily planted it this past October.  I haven't seen it in months!  I can't wait until its large enough that I can still see it above the snow during the winter.

Bergenia 'Winterglow' at the edge of the wall by my driveway, there are also baby Hellebores planted there, still hidden by the snow. 

I planted all these plants so I could enjoy them during the winter - that was the idea, anyway.  I plan, God laughs!

Now that I can see the garden again I am excited to finish up my plans for the upcoming season as well as start on some garden chores - this is a great time to do some pruning, start a little clean up (staying out of wet beds, don't compact that soil you've worked so hard to improve!) and I'll be out there soon cutting branches to force as well. 

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