Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bellingrath Gardens

The first garden my friend and tour guide Michael took me to while I was visiting Mobile (click here for the first post of The Mobile Series) was beautiful Bellingrath Gardens, lovingly created by the very interesting and generous Walter and Bessie Bellingrath. 

Entrance to the Conservatory, located at the far end of the Rose Garden.

Here is a closer look at the floral and foliage display glimpsed through the above doorway.  I love the shiny shiny (fern?) with the fuzzy asparagus ferns.

Once in the door we were bowled over by the most wonderful fragrance of this plant, Brunfelsia pauciflora, commonly known as Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. 

Here is one of the plantings that caught my eye, located at the edge of The Great Lawn.  A series of nasturtium lollipops with a rich tapestry carpet of curly parsley, pansies, annual dianthus, Dianthus barbatus (Sweet William), Delphiniums and pink Linaria.  Great idea and I'm sure it is even more gorgeous with more of the plants coming into bloom now, nearly two weeks later.

A pretty pot of pink petunias, snapdragons, Linaria and a curly kale at the Grotto.

A longer view of the Grotto, taken from the boat dock out on the river.

A landing with chairs to enjoy the view is home to another great container planting of yellow tulips, hyacinths, snaps and a purple flower I'm not familiar with.  I wish I knew it's name!

Three bald cypress...

and a big hello from Myrtle the Turtle, enjoying the sun along the Bayou Boardwalk!

I couldn't resist the grinning lion - hmmm, he looks a little hungry, though, doesn't he?

These yellow and white daffodils with pink and blue hyacinths are pure spring...if you look closely you can see the azalea hedge just starting to pop.  The extremely cold winter pushed back the famous azalea show that normally would have been at its peak during my visit in Mid-March.

I was so taken with the display of tulips here in the Fountain Plaza, looking toward the Mermaid Pool. 

Here is a closer look - doesn't the 'Osaka Purple' Mustard bring out the best in those tulips?  Just gorgeous!

Blue hyacinths in cast iron pots - what a heavenly scented spot to sit a spell!

Red tulips with blue hyacinths

Camellias for sale in the Bellingrath Gift Shop.

I hope you enjoyed your virtual visit...if you'd like to see more photos of the garden later in the season click here for a great post at Big Jaunts and Journeys I just stumbled upon!

Stay tuned for more from Mobile...

Update April 9, 2010:  click here for an article on the arrival of the big spring event in Mobile, the blooming azaleas!


  1. Beautiful pictures of Bellingrath Gardens. It makes me want to head down there right now, and see it for myself. I am enjoying your series on Mobile, and look forward to seeing where you went next. Keep up the good work.

  2. Christine, Your photos are just wonderful. You really did the gardens justice. I am loving this blog. I look forward to new postings.

  3. I really enjoyed the photos of this garden. Please let us know what those plants are if you find out.


  4. Thank you all for your comments! I am glad I can share my visit!!!