Monday, March 15, 2010

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - March 2010

Here it is already the 15th of March and this time around I DO have a few blooms to share!  For being such a snowbound winter here in the Chicago area, spring is surprisingly springy already.  We've already had some very pleasant weather to enjoy...with more on its way!

Galanthus (snowdrops)

Galanthus  (snowdrops)
Snowdrops in two spots - I tried identifying the types.  If you look you can see the snowdrops in the top photo have green markings, the lower snowdrops do not.  They may both be Galanthus nivalis but I'm not sure I trust my judgement.  If anyone knows, let me know!  At times I get a little obsessed with knowing exactly what I grow!

Crocus tommasinianus or 'Tommies'. 

I have had another early crocus for years, 'Goldilocks', which I always thought was early...but the Tommies beat Goldilocks by a long stretch this year.  And Goldilocks is in a microclimate, too, in an effort to have blooms by March 1st.  Not this year!



Indoors, I've been enjoying the above hyacinths and muscari up on my sleeping porch for the past couple weeks, too.

Much thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for organizing Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - click on over to her blog to see what she has blooming, too! 

P.S.  This will be my last post before my vacation to Mobile, Alabama!  I'll have lots of great photos to share mid-week next week ofboth public and private gardens I'll be visiting (can't wait!!!), so y'all come back and visit with me then!


  1. Hi Christine, I am in love with snowdrops, they are difficult here, and you have two lovely varieties, whatever they are! As for the upright purple sedum, I have not found one. Matrona is a fine plant, but not at all purple though. P. Emperor is a flopper, no matter the pruning, but is the most purple of them all. Black Jack is a dud. That new one sounds promising, hope they got it right this time. :-)

  2. Frances,

    Thank you for visiting! Good to know about the sedums, I will pass on 'Black Jack', keep enjoying 'Purple Emperor' and keep my fingers crossed about new and improved varieties!


  3. Have a good trip to Mobile. I look forward to seeing your pics from Dixie.