Friday, March 26, 2010

Y'all Will Love Lovely Mobile, Alabama!

I'm back from my trip to visit my dear friends (and former neighbors) Robert and Michael in Mobile, Alabama - I absolutely enjoyed myself!  I had never been to Mobile and now can highly recommend a visit to anyone who, like me, enjoys a city with a personality.  Wonderful buildings, charming neighborhoods, colorful history, delicious food and heaps of that famous Southern Hospitality!

I was kept busy as Michael showed me nearly everything there is to see, so over the next week I will be sharing the many gardens I visited while there.  It'll be just like you were with me, I'll be sharing them in the same order I saw them!  I'll be posting on Bellingrath Gardens, Hank and Steve's Mid-City oasis, Katherine's wonderfully creative urban paradise, The Mobile Botanical Gardens (they are having a plant sale through the 28th - go if you have the chance!), The Mobile Japanese Garden, and I'll even be including a few photos from gardens and city parks we passed on the morning dog walks like the one above in the Oakleigh Historic Neighborhood with the Camellia and picket fence.  Don't you just love that liriope edging?! 

I hope y'all enjoy everything as much as I did!

Here is that same garden as above, this time showing the charm of Mobile's love of their stately old Live Oaks - sidewalk and fence curved to accomodate the tree.  How great is that?!


  1. That last picture is just lovely. The setting sun, the fence, the winding path, the trees that look like giants with outstretched arms in the background.

    Nice capture.

  2. Thanks, MrBrownThumb! Mobile has gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, my friend Robert has dubbed the phenomenon 'Mobile Sky'. Maybe it's the humidity?!