Sunday, March 7, 2010

Snow Is On The Melt!

From grey to Yay!

This post today is purely for my own amusement and encouragement. 

I was going to label last year's photos of new irises and compare notes with photos for all of this year's change ups in the garden.  In looking through my photos I was inspired to do a little project first - to compare a photo taken today with one taken from the same spot last year during the full blown growing season...a taste of what is to come, what I have to look forward to.  Just a little motivation;)

Drive border 3.7.10

Drive Border 5.24.09

View of Fountain Garden across Turret Garden 3.7.10

Turret Garden (Fountain Garden not really visible) 5.18.09

View of 8 Walk with DH from mid-Drive Border 3.7.10

View of 8 Walk with DH from mid-Drive Border 5.9.09
Even he is more colorful!

Fountain Garden looking West 3.7.10

Fountain Garden 6.9.09

North Lawn with Rose Bower and Spiraea Border, from Corner Potager 3.7.10

Same view, 7.9.09
 Love those hollyhocks and clematis together!
Bench at Basement Door 3.7.10

Bench at Basement Door with pots of Geraniums 7.9.09

 View of Patio across Corner Potager 3.7.10

View of Patio across Corner Potager 7.9.09

View of Upper Terrace from Patio 3.7.10

Same view 6.8.09

Phew, I needed that!  Now I'm ready to think in color, texture and long season again and finish up those plans for the upcoming season that is fast approaching!

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