Monday, January 4, 2010

Saving Seed

Dill with poppy seedhead, Sweet Pea 'Captain of the Blues' and the smidge of orange middle right is Calendula 'Touch of Red', in bud

Before I can even seriously consider my seed order - which at this point is still a wish list - better yet, a dream-on list...where would I grow all these seedlings? where would I plant all these seedlings? how much space do I really think I have?

wait, sorry.

let me start over.

Before I can even seriously consider my seed order, first I need to go through all the seed I have saved. I thought I was pretty genius this past growing season and instead of simply letting things reseed willy nilly and surprising me I decided to take control and save seed so I could decide where things would grow. Novel concept. Let's just say I like my garden all full of surprises. Last July, a local Garden Club member, much to my delight, called my garden a serendipity true. I'm hoping I have learned a great many lessons from watching what reseeds where and with whom and can plan near as well as Mother Nature. She thrills me every year.

My seed saving method is straight forward; let the plant go to seed, let the seed ripen on the plant, collect the seed, store it and keep it dry until ready to sow. Labeling obviously optional! I am somewhat casual in my approach...

I grow a large mix of plants and have a pretty good basic knowledge of which I can start from seed - some won't come true - and if I ever have questions I turn to the internet or my collection of various reference materials.

I'll be posting a list of what I have saved as soon as I have a little time to go through it all...

I would love to know what you do - and what seed you take the time to save.

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