Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good Morning America's Best Block in America

I just need to take a minute and toot my neighborhood's horn...

I am so excited - Good Morning America chose the winning block for their Best Block in America from the very neighborhood I live in!!!

My neighbors are an active, tight-knit group of people with a great sense of community and after the contest was brought to everyone's attention by Gina Seaton (hats off, neighbor!), many essay entries were submitted touting the reasons why this neighborhood is such a great place to live.

You can check out the article from last Tuesday's Daily Herald, here.

Tune in to Good Morning America this coming Thursday, July 1st, for a live view of a lively group of the great people who make up our very special community!


  1. Congratulations Christine and neighbors! Wish I'd seen this yesterday so I could watch the GMA segment.

  2. p.s. in case other readers missed it, video is available here:


  3. Thanks so much, Garden Girl, for posting the video link! We had so much fun that day...much more went on here than was aired...but we still managed to find the energy to watch the broadcast we'd recorded!