Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - April, 2010

Hello on this April Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!  Let me start by thanking Carol of May Dreams Gardens for creating this celebration of bloomin' blogs!  There is much to see so be sure to tour as many virtual gardens as you have time for!

Here is what's in bloom at here at Liberty - I really feel like what isn't in bloom?! It seems like Mother Nature just flipped a switch this year and we went from the dead of winter to full-blown spring in a matter of moments here in Chicago! Seems even more so for me - I just started a wonderful new job and so I have been at the office, busy learning the ins and outs with far less time in the garden so far this season. I can assure you I had lots of fun taking these photos early yesterday morning!

A wonderful spring ephemeral, Dicentra cucullaria aka Dutchman's Breeches

Not really a bloom - a Podophyllum peltatum, Mayapple, yet to unfold.

A red tulip that came with the garden - usually blooms a bit earlier than most others...but not this year!

Tulip 'Prinses Irene'

Helleborus orientalis.  This year I plan on adding some in the deep purplish shades along with the pales and purple spotted I have so I will have a mix bag of offspring down the road.

My pal Charlotte, showing off her handiwork

The tesselated blooms of Frittilaria meliagris or Snake's Head Frittilary.  An absolute favorite of mine.

Species tulip - T. tarda - which open flat in the sun...

like this, for a completely different look!

Erythronium, commonly known as Trout Lily due to the gorgeously mottled leaves.  This one came with the garden and if I had ever identified it I can't recall...

Beautiful 'Green Wave' tulips. You can see T. 'Negrita' still in bud and in the background a Dicentra - common Bleeding Heart - as well. 

Arabis blepharophylla 'Spring Charm' which I picked up at the end of the season last fall.  I am crazy for this color!

Doronicum - great spring perennial.  I need to find a new home for it and just might plant it in combination with the above Arabis and some Muscari, as well.

Muscari 'Blue Magic'

Narcissus 'Hawera'

An unidentified Daffodil that came with the garden.  The closest I can come to identifying it is 'Rip Van Winkle' but I am not convinced.  Usually you can see a decent amount of green on the petals, this year he is far more yellow.

A beautiful old quince - what a gorgeous color!

I believe this is Tulipa 'William and Mary'.  Lily flowered, it starts yellow then picks up the blush as it matures.

Myosotis 'Blue Ball', aka Forget-Me-Not.  It reseeds everywhere...

Bellis perennis or English Daisy.  Another (more mannerly) reseeder.

Species tulip T. linifolia

A Summer Snowflake, Leucojum 'Gravetye Giant'

A Pulmonaria with pink flowered Epimedium x rubrum

Viola 'King Henry'

Unknown yellow tulip

Unknown coral pink tulip


  1. Beautiful April blooms! Thank you for helping me identify a mystery plant in our garden - I think it might be leopard's bane.

  2. Your tulips are lovely, especially the species tulips.
    'Spring Charm' definitely fits her name - a charming bloom dressed in a spring color:)

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